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Arcair K4000 Gouging Torch 1m Air/Power

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The Arcair K4000® is a durable carbon-arc gouging hand held torch that features an ergonomic design to provide operator comfort and is made for heavy-duty metal removal applications such as pin removals, removing old welds, gouging out cracks, cleaning and repairing castings.

This kit comes complete ready to use with 1.0m Air & Power Hoses, Minsup® or Nitto® fittings. Kits can be made any length to suit your application. Please advise Alphaweld of your specific requirements.

Please note: Setup requires a welding power source, air compressor and carbon electrodes.

• Easy to operate air valve
• 15° torch angle with swivel head provides greater operator comfort
• Positive grip handle maximises operator feel and ease in positioning torch
• Durable front insulators, high impact and heat resistant that protects the torch metal parts
• Swivel cable gives less cable twist and less strain on the operator
• Reduced weight optimised to minimise fatigue
• High quality cable hose offers non-conductive, high heat ad abrasion resistance
• Head assembly machined from copper alloy with 4 air blast holes maximising the airflow to the arc
• Lever spring provides excellent clamping pressure on the air carbon-arc electrode

Pointed Carbons: 4mm to 12.7mm
Flat Carbons: 10mm to 15.9mm
Jointed Carbons: 7.9mm to 12.7mm
Maximum Amps: 1000A
Air Pressure: 80 psi (5.6kg/cm2)
Flow Rate: 28 cfm (0.79m3/min)
Torch & Cable Weight: 2.4kg
(depended on hose lengths supplied)


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