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Pipe Purge Kits

Pipe Purge Kits

When your shop takes on various welding jobs weekly, you can’t afford to lose production time simply because you don’t have the right size of purging unit for an extremely narrow or wide tube or piping.

At Alphaweld Supply Group, we offer triple-seal welding purge kits from a leading manufacturer, Walter Schnorrer. These kits include units for tubes of internal diameter 19 to 156mm and a set of accessories.

If you want to know more about our purge kits for pipe welding, browse through the products below.

The Walter Schnorrer Difference

We’re proud to carry Walter Schnorrer pipe purge kits as they offer features that provide cost savings in gas and time. These kits have purging units that feature patented triple-sealing lip elements that prevent them from tilting inside elbows and pipe bends, keeping the purging process efficient. They include a patented fast, effective gas diffuser and halogen-free, heat-resistant aluminium tapes for effective sealing of gaps.

In addition, the units in different sizes and other accessories come in a protective toolbox for easy storage.

The Alphaweld Difference

We don’t just stock high-quality products such as Walter Schnorrer purge kits, but we also provide a seamless buying experience. Our purge kits are available online. We ship across Australia and even provide free shipping fee to the Perth metro area for orders over $150+GST and free shipping for orders over $500+GST no matter where you are in Australia. We also perform multiple delivery runs daily for a faster lead time.

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