Mig Welding Wires

Mig Welding Wires

Quality Mig welding wires are critical to gas metal arc welding (GMAW). The right wire makes some pre-welding operations unnecessary, streamlining the welding process. With better wire placement accuracy and consistency, the need for rework is minimised or eliminated.

WA’s Trusted Mig Welding Wire Suppliers

Alphaweld offers Mig welding wires that meet the welding requirements of Australian engineering, industrial and mining sectors.

Having provided for WA’s welding wire supply needs, we’ve learnt which products work for specific applications allowing us to perfect our product offerings.

Our range includes wires of various materials such as silicone bronze, aluminium, stainless steel and alloy. We can advise you on which products offer the best cold-cracking resistance, superior feedability or high notch toughness.

As part of our commitment to becoming the region’s go-to Mig welding wire distributors, we carry the industry’s most trusted brands, including Betaweld, Lincoln Electric, Bossweld, ESAB and more.

We make it easy

At Alphaweld, we aim to make sourcing easy. Our site provides an easy shopping cart experience to replace the tedious welding supply procurement process. You can set up a trading account with us and create purchasing templates to make restocking hassle-free. Account holders can also request for quotes in excel file format for easy uploading to SAP systems.

For assistance on the best welding wire for your team’s operations, our sales team’s members are all qualified welders. We can give hands-on knowledge on welding as well as sourcing logistics.

For support from experienced and knowledgeable staff, contact Perth’s preferred welding wire suppliers.