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Thermal Lances

Thermal Lances

A Thermal Lance is a steel pipe packed with mixed metal wires and is commonly known as a lancing rod, oxylance or lancing torch.

Pressurised oxygen gas is passed through the pipe from an oxygen source. The end of the pipe is lit with a high temperature source, e.g. an oxy torch. The iron in the steel then burns in the oxygen coming down the pipe to produce an enormous rapid release of heat and a liquid slag of iron oxides and other materials which creates a highly effective thermic cutting torch. The temperature reached in the centre of the combustion zone is approx 4,000°C which is greater than the melting point of any known substance on earth.

By the way of comparison, concrete melts at 1,800° - 2,500°C and steel at less than 1,500°C. Its general use is cutting welded metal objects for scrap, cutting of large steel beams in demolition or renovation, removing heavy machine plugs, machinery pins or hard-facing materials on earthmoving equipment and general maintenance applications.

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