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Flux Cored Seamless Wire

Flux Cored Seamless Wire

SL-Series FCAW Welding Wires are innovative seamless flux cored wires that are manufactured using seamless tube technology. The manufacturing process having been developed over many years of research and development has made this wire very easy to use and with excellent welding characteristics. No moisture can be reabsorbed by the flux core as there is no seam in the wire.

The very low moisture content of the core filling in these wires means that the hydrogen potential in these FCAW wires is incredibly low, which minimizes cold cracking risk and reduces the need of preheating.

It is a flux cored wire range which can be used in most positions in very low temperature mechanicals and with only one parameter setting without the need to change the feed rollers.* The weld process gives very little spatter and a slag that is easy to detach.

(*Uses solid wire feed rollers.)