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Welding Safety Equipment

Welding Safety Equipment

Creating a Safe Welding Environment

Alphaweld is an industry leader in welding safety solutions. Our global sourcing power and extensive product knowledge allows us to deliver the world’s leading and most innovative safety products.

For over a decade our personal safety products have helped meet the demands of Australia’s toughest industries, from the engineering to industrial sectors as well as mining.

Our products are chosen for their high quality and value. We ensure that every item in our range meets or exceeds national standards to suit every work environment. For your health and safety we offer the world’s most trusted brands including 3M, Speedglas, Pro Choice Safety Gear, Maxisafe and Betaweld.

Experienced in fulfilling all types of welding protective equipment requirements, we have the capabilities to deliver throughout Australia. We supply everything from high grade welding gloves to PAPR welding helmets, to respiratory masks for protection from harmful welding fumes and gases.

Alphaweld is also a leading provider of site safety solutions such as welding blankets, safety signage and welding screens.

Safety First

Welding falls into a high-risk category, and safety should always be your number-one priority.

Welding processes and equipment generate extremely high levels of heat, warranting the need for quality and reliable gear to keep you safe and achieve quality welds.

Face respirators for instance offer high-level respiratory protection against particulates (e.g. thinning metallics) and gases (including shielding gas) during the fabrication process. Welding gloves on the other hand ensure welding work can be performed safely with common materials including stainless and mild steels.

Whether you’re carrying out MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), Arc welding or projection welding, our goal is to deliver you welding solutions that will allow you to weld metal safely.

Why shop with Alphaweld?

Our Customer Guarantee offers many great reasons to shop with Alphaweld:

  • Fast dispatch with multiple dispatch runs daily: Order before 2.00pm and if it’s in stock, we'll dispatch your order the same day! 
  • FREE delivery within Australia: Perth metropolitan areas for online orders over $150 and Australia wide for online orders over $500, excluding bulky items.
  • Extensive range - we are a one stop destination for all your welding supply needs.
  • Competitive pricing on a wide selection of premium welding products and hire gear.
  • Easy ordering: Shop 24/7 online with Alphaweld. We also accept orders by email and telephone, or in person should you wish to drop in.
  • Commitment to providing excellent customer service every step of the way.
  • Returns policy: All our products are 100% guaranteed and covered if you decide to return them.
  • Australian locally owned and operated.

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