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Welding Screens & Curtains

Welding Screens & Curtains

Industry-leading welding screens and welding curtains designed to offer you the highest level of safety protection. Available for FAST delivery, Australia-wide.

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Welding screens are essential for ensuring safety during welding operations. Here are a few reasons why you should use welding screens:

Welding screens protect against sparks, spatter, and UV radiation emitted during welding, keeping the surrounding area safe. They help prevent accidents and protect nearby workers and equipment.

2. Containment of welding fumes: Welding screens can also help contain welding fumes, which are hazardous to health. By creating a barrier, they prevent the fumes from spreading to other areas, ensuring a safer working environment.

Welding screens give clear view of welding process and protect at the same time. This allows welders to maintain visibility and accuracy while working.

4. Compliance with safety regulations: Using welding screens is often a requirement to comply with safety regulations and standards. By using these screens, you demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a safe workplace and avoiding potential fines or penalties.

5. Versatility and portability: Welding screens are available in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for different welding applications. They are also lightweight and portable, allowing for easy setup and repositioning as needed.

Remember to choose welding screens that meet industry standards and provide adequate protection for your specific welding operations.