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PPE & Safety Apparel for the Welding Industry

Date: 11-08-2021

Safety Apparel for the Welding Industry - Alphaweld

At Alphaweld, our customers rely on us to bring them the most innovative welding equipment the industry has to offer. Whether it’s state-of-the-art equipment like an oxy acetylene kit or high-quality gouging carbons and other consumables, we have the tools, materials, and equipment to suit every welding application

If there’s anything more important than the quality of your work, it’s the safety of your workforce. Welding falls into a high-risk category, and safety should always be your number-one priority. Ensuring that adequate safety measures and processes are in place and that all team members are fully trained to avoid and respond to incidents is crucial. Another important consideration is ensuring they are equipped with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety apparel.

In this blog, we discuss the risks associated with welding and present a selection of our world-class safety products, with a particular focus on pipeline fabrication. We also take a look at the equipment required for pipeline fabrication and Alphaweld’s welding equipment hire service.


Pipeline Welding PPE

Welding processes and equipment generate extremely high levels of heat, carrying the risk of fire, explosions, and other heat-related hazards. One of the biggest risks to the safety of pipeline welders are the sparks generated during welding, which can enter clothing and result in serious burns. Fumes generated by welding can enter the lungs, leading to long-term respiratory illness. To offer workers adequate protection, PPE and clothing need to be highly resistant to heat and flame, in addition to providing airway protection.

A welding helmet protects your eyes, head, and neck from excessive heat and light. Our high-impact, ADF welding helmet from Betaweld features an auto-darkening lens and durable, lightweight, and shock-resistant shell. To protect the fingers and hands, workers should also wear heavy-duty welding gloves whenever performing welding operations.

In addition to a high-quality welding helmet and gloves, all workers operating on a welding site should wear a flame-resistant welding jacket. Alphaweld’s range of welding jackets from Betaweld are made using flame-resistant cotton with leather sleeves for heavy-duty spark and spatter protection. The hook and loop style front opening strip offers reliable, positive closure against spark entry. Double stitched with kevlar thread, the jacket features large pockets with hook and loop style flaps, as well as adjustable cuffs to prevent spark entry.


Pipeline Welding Equipment 

Pipeline fabrication is at once delicate, intricate work and also a heavy-duty welding operation. This kind of precise work requires an array of highly specialised equipment. Aside from the welding machine and consumables, this equipment may include large diameter chain clamps, buggy cutting and welding kits, and diesel driven welding machines to name just a few. 

Buying all this equipment outright can be prohibitively expensive, which is why Alphaweld offers an affordable, reliable welding equipment hire service. This includes an extensive range of welding machines available for short and long-term rental. Our commitment to offering our customers an innovative, comprehensive range of welding equipment has made us Perth’s number-one welding hire specialist. 


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