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Discover the many benefits of hiring with Alphaweld Welderentals

Alphaweld Supply Group offers an extensive range of welding machines for hire including diesel welders, plasma cutters, stud welders - plus more. Our welding equipment hire services can be short or long-term with machine hire rates starting from as low as $175 per week.

  • Short-term hire - best suited for businesses with irregular peak periods or whose machines are being serviced.
  • Long-term hire – best suited for companies wishing to access market-leading welding equipment. All equipment, including cables and accessories, are carefully safety/quality checked and serviced before being dispatched for customer use.

With an extensive knowledge of the industry, we offer best advice on welding machines to hire and can work with you to customise a package that suits your unique project requirements.

We also offer a hire to buy scheme, allowing customers to maximise their company’s working capital and enjoy shouldered service and repair costs while the equipment remains ours.

Best of all, we can arrange for hire equipment to be delivered anywhere within Western Australia.

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