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The Benefits of Using Aluminium MIG Welding Wire Over Aluminium TIG Wire


Aluminium welding is a unique version of the job and is much different from steel welding. According to most people, it is more challenging – for example, aluminium does not indicate how much it has heated and nears its melting temperature, unlike steel.

Another example to show that aluminium is different would be that its thermal expansion is double the amount of steel, and this can increase distortion. However, we believe the case to be such that aluminium isn’t harder to weld, it’s just different and requires some understanding; after which it is perhaps even easier to weld. This is where the Betaweld XT-5356 comes in and helps you out with your aluminium welding needs.

What Is the Difference Between Aluminium Mig Wire and Aluminium Tig Wire?

MIG, metal inert gas, and TIG, tungsten inert gas, are two of the many types of welding techniques used in the industry. ER5356 Betaweld Aluminium Mig Wire, like all other MIG wires, uses a wire electrode that is continuously fed through the spool gun and TIG needs a welder to feed a different filler onto the weld while they use the welding torch with their other hand – this makes MIG much easier, especially for beginners and new users.

MIG is stronger and allows for flexibility of use MIG can easily weld thick metals that TIG might have trouble welding, that too with great usability and speed.

MIG can work with multiple metals Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium steel are examples of the types of metals that MIG can effortlessly weld while making the job easier for the fabricators and welders as well.

MIG helps greatly with large-scale projects – Since it provides continuous runs and helps with thicker metals, MIG makes managing larger projects much easier and efficient. TIG does allow for sharp and clean welds but with slower speeds, thinner metals, and increased effort put in by the welder; TIG also requires the user to hold the materials with both hands.

Moreover, MIG allows for enhanced accuracy, is more easily manageable than TIG or other welding processes and is more conventional and cost-effective than TIG.

Why Is Aluminium Mig Welding Wire Better?

MIG helps create welds in much shorter times than TIG and also creates more accurate bonds ensuring the finer quality of the final product. MIG also does not require a lot of maintenance to the product after the welding job is done, which makes it even more of a favourite to professional welders.

TIG, on the other hand, requires more than MIG does. It needs the welder to use both of their hands to get the job done and also needs the welding surface to be cleaned well before its method is started.

TIG is also much more expensive, has a slower process resulting in lower pounds-per-hour deposition rates. Also, TIG welding wire has a higher difficulty level which makes it almost impossible for an inexperienced user to weld with. Lastly, TIG also demands longer durations; it makes any welding job lengthy. 

The ER5356 Betaweld Aluminium Mig Wire

ER5356 Betaweld Aluminium Mig Wire is a premium welding wire made in Italy by one of the best welding wire manufacturers in the world. This high-quality aluminium welding wire is triple shaved for superior feedability and arc control.

The wire also benefits from a special cleaning process after final drawing and is suited to heavy duty and robotic welding processes. The XT Series wire is guaranteed to produce high quality welding in multiple applications

The Betaweld XT-5356 wire is subject to an intensive cleaning process after the final drawing to ensure maximum feedability.

The most common size is the 1.2mm wire and the tool can be used in numerous applications such as:

  • Building ships

  • Repairing boats

  • Typical welding of multiple aluminium alloys

So, purchase the excellent ER5356 Betaweld Aluminium Mig Wire and enable your fellow welders to save their time and energy while also ending their day by executing and concluding high-quality welding jobs that show super fine welding!


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