ER5356 Betaweld Aluminium Mig Wire

The Betaweld XT-5356 is a professional aluminium welding wire manufactured in Italy from European raw materials. As a premium grade wire it is ideally suited for welding of alloys containing up to 5% magnesium and has good resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion.

This high quality aluminium welding wire is triple shaved for superior feedability and arc control. The wire also benefits from a special cleaning process after final drawing and is suited to heavy duty and robotic welding processes. The XT wire is guaranteed to produce high quality welding in multiple applications.

The applications of this mig wire include welding of aluminium in general fabrication, ship building, boat
repairs, bullbars and rollbars and general welding of many aluminium alloys. It is clearly the professionals choice if you demand quality welding wires.

AS/NZS ISO 18273: S Al 5356
AWS A5. 10: ER5356

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