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Taylor DA2700 Stud Welder for Hire

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The Taylor DA2700 Stud Welder is a powerful and ideal choice for fastening larger diameter mild steel and stainless-steel studs to sheet metals.

Designed and manufactured by Taylor Studwelding, the DA2700 delivers superior stud welding results and can weld up to 4 studs per minute (on studs up to 25mm in size).

• Microcomputer control with constant current control
• Visual current and time display with current reporting procedure
• Infinitely adjustable welding time and current
• Solid state switching
• Thermostatically controlled air cooling
• Recessed front and back panels protect controls and weld sockets
• Twist and lock weld plugs and sockets
• Hand tool can use any UK or European chucking system
• Gun lift test facility and gas facility
• Chuck saver circuit

Welding Stud Range: 6mm – 25mm
Input: 3ph. 400v 50Hz (other voltages available)
Fusing: 125A
Max. KVA Rating: 120KVA
Welding Current (10% cycle): 400 – 2700
Welding Time (m/sec): 50 – 1500
Welding Rate: 30 – 6/min
No-load Voltage: 95
Class Protection: IP23
Cooling: Fan
Transformer Insulation Class: H
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 1000 x 610 x 840
Weight: 395kg

Minimum Hire: 7 days (1 week)


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