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Dawell DHC 6510R Inverter Resistive Heater for Hire

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The Dawell DHC 6510R Inverter Resistive Heater is designed primarily for controlled annealing of materials after welding to reduce tension and reduce hydrogen content and for preheating before welding up to temperature of 1050 °C. It has a temperature regulator and recording for higher-level programming intended particularly for weld annealing. It also allows a multi-zone mode, programme linking and copying, setting multiple regulator values, and more. The recording time is up to 1400 hours.

• Mobility - weight 17 kg
• Even heating
• Power 10,8 kW
• Can connect up to 4 elements
• Flexibility of use – power supply 3x 400 V 32 A
• Intuitive and easy controls – easy to operate
• Multi-zone mode – can connect 9 machines with 1 application – heating control in up to zones with a total power output of 95 kW. Versatile uses – even heating
• 3 in 1 – inverter + temperature regulator + recorder

• Energy and petrochemical industry – weld annealing and preheating for pipelines, heat exchangers, boilers, steel vessels, flanges – wherever welds have to be annealed
• Frame structure construction, shipbuilding – welding of long and short joints – preheating, annealing
• Extractive industries – preheating of parts before welding
• Industrial manufacturing – preheating of parts to specific temperature
• Repairs, renovations, weldons – economic and technology correct preheating of parts, mobility allows inverter use in the field
• Automotive industry – entire chassis heating before welding in production

Power supply requirements: 3 x 400 V +/- 15 %
Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 23 A ±15 %
Ingress Protection Code: IP21
Temperature sensor: K-type thermocouple, galvanically isolated
Inlet protection: 25 A
Output voltage/current: 0-60 V / 180 A, 65 V / 160 A infinitely adjustable, CV/CC
Electrical load: Resistive heating elements 24-60 V (type 30 / 42 / 60 V)
Measuring/control range: -25° to 1 200 °C
Alarm: 2 configurable (deviation SV/PV, reaching the temperature etc.)
Fault detection: Thermocouple disconnection, overload, overheating, output short circuit, etc.
Multizone control: Yes, master/slave type, max. 9 units
Operating Temperatures/Coverage: -20° to 40°C (with power limitation up to 50 °C)
Regulator: Digital, user adjustable
Recorder: Up to 1,400 hours of recording, also stores error conditions
Data download: Via 485/USB to PC, export to Excel
Dimensions: 170 x 370 x 405 mm
Weight: 17 kg

Minimum Hire: 7 days (1 week)


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