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Cougartron Proplus Hire Machine for Hire

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The Cougartron ProPlus delivers a unique solution for customers needing a high-performance, reliable and portable machine that delivers superior results with weld cleaning (TIG and MIG), surface and weld polishing, marking and etching.

The machine is easy to use and puts on a stellar weld cleaning performance every time! ProPlus can be used for everyday cleaning of (1-10mm) TIG and (1-5mm) MIG stainless steel welds. Its power and reliability are owed to CougarSense – Cougartron’s proprietary technology that combines the digital system and hardware in an optimal way.

Hire package contains:
• Cougartron ProPlus Machine Unit
• Orange lead with handle
• Black lead with clamp
• Cougartron Powerbrushes (10 pcs)
• Wand/sliding shroud set
• Weld-Cleaning & Polishing Fluid – 1.0L
• Neutralising Fluid – 0.5L
• Cougartron Microfibre Cloth (5 pcs)
• Cougartron Spray Bottle
• Cougartron Dipping Container
• USB with User Manual and MSDS

Input Power: 240V/1Ph/50-60Hz
Output: 14V/50A
Dimensions: 220mm wide x 318mm high x 180mm deep
Weight (kg): 15
Application: Weld cleaning, Passivation, Electropolishing and Marking
Weld cleaning method: Electrochemical
Metal type: Stainless steel and Aluminum
Weld type: TIG – Light and dark, MIG – Light
Recommended type of brush to use: Powerbrush 0-30 Amps, Superbrush with Hex Crimp 30-50 Amps
Capacity: Two (2) brushes at the same time
Portable: Yes

Minimum Hire: 7 days (1 week)


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