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Aluxcor 4047 Aluminium Flux Cored Brazing Rod 2X508mm PK50

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ALUXCOR® 4047 F15.1 flux-cored brazing wire is designed for manual and semi-automatic aluminium flame brazing. A common application is brazing HVAC aluminum components including return bends, headers, tube assemblies, and distributors. The flux-core eliminates the need for a separate flux application and the core cross section is designed to release a measured amount of flux into the capillary. This ensures good oxidation protection and suitable capillary fill by the melted aluminium metal.

ALUXCOR® 4047 is available with different flux compositions. Formula 15.1 is a potassium fluroaluminate salt with a melting range of 1049 ° - 1061° F, (564° - 572°C). The flux chemistry and ratio is designed to provide brazing characteristics engineered for specific applications. This composition is non-hygroscopic, so post braze flux residue does not need to be removed. Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive.

• A4047 F15.1 zinc-aluminium flux-cored brazing alloy
• For manual and semi-automatic aluminium flame brazing
• Flux inner core means no manual flux application is required providing significant cost savings
• Releases designated amount of flux into capillar
• Ensures good oxidation protection and capillary fill
• Melting range of 1049°F - 1061°F (564°C - 572°C)
• Non-hygroscopic, so no flux removal needed
• Typical application is brazing HVAC aluminium components including return bends, headers, tube assemblies and distributors
• Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive

• Aluminium-to-aluminium
• Aluminium-to-copper
• Aluminium-to-brass

Chemical composition:
• Si - 12%
• Al - 88%

Melting range: 577°C - 582°C


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