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Weldclass LPG Heating Torch Combo Kit

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Combo kit includes:
• Regulator - H/duty with large diaphragm for maximum heat output
• 5m hose with fittings
• Torch handle with lever valve
• 400mm tube (total torch length 600mm)
• 750mm tube (total torch length 1,000mm)
• 50mm tip - open-bell style, ideal for indoor use, 185mj/hr (175,000 BTU) output, 750mm flame length
• 65mm tip - closed-bell style for resistance to flame-out, ideal for outdoor use, 390mj/hr (370,000 BTU) output, 1,000mm flame length

Key features:
• Selection of 2 tip sizes & 2 tube lengths for variety of applications, eg indoor and outdoor
• Regulator reduces operating pressure (to <400kpa) for reduced gas consumption & longer cylinder refill life, more controlled / consistant gas flow & finer flame adjustment
• Output of up to 390mj/hr (370,000 BTU) & flame length up to 1,000mm
• Can be used with Flashback Arrestors, if required by work site WHS
• Unique hose/handle swivel connection, eliminates hose torsion/twisting & improves operator comfort
• Air/LPG operation requires LPG gas only (no oxygen required)
• Use with 4/9/45kg LPG bottles with standard POL connection
• On/off/control needle valve
• Lever / trigger valve - Hold forfull heating flame, Release for small pilot flame (not included on 'Handyflame' torch kit)
• Pilot flame adjustment (not included on 'Handyflame' torch kit)
• 5/8" UNF LH "welding industry standard" connections on handle inlet, hose & regulator outlet - for ease of repair & interchangability
• Made in Europe, industrial quality & robust heavy-duty design

Suitable applications:
• Metal and pre-weld heating (applications that do not require the higher temperatures of an oxy/fuel torch)
• Drying, thawing
• Heating bitument/ashphelt, line marking, curing concrete
• Vegetation burn-off, weed burning
• Shrink-wrapping
• Roofing & water-proofing etc


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