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Cougartron InoxFury 200 Machine Package

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The FURY 200 is a new and upgraded model of the former InoxFURY (WELC1027) weld cleaner and comes equipped with updated electronics, redesigned button-based user panel, firmer wheels, practical cable holders, new sturdy cables – and new and improved housing. Cougartron FURY200 is a powerful and fast weld cleaning system for larger and heavily oxidized welds.

Use up to 4 weld cleaning brushes simultaneously to effectively remove rust, oxide scale, heat tints, and discoloration from all types of welds. It is safer and faster than the pickling paste!

The machine provides excellent results with: Weld Cleaning, Passivation, Polishing, Marking & Etching*

FURY 200 is capable to clean all austenitic stainless-steel grades – as well as alloyed and exotics, i.e. Duplex and Super Duplex.

Thanks to its puncture-proof wheels and a robust detachable handle, FURY 200 can be easily transported and moved on-site.

The system is now equipped with a practical button-based user panel for easier control over the current output and work modes.

FURY 200 comes with new practical cable holders on both sides of the handle, with an attached drip tray for your weld cleaning brush.

Input Power: 230V, 16A
Output Power: 10-16V AC/DC @ 200A
Cleaning Capacity: Multiple Brush
Functions: Cleaning (TIG, MIG, MMA, Stick), polishing, passivation, marking, etching.
Warranty: 2 Years after registration
Dimensions (mm): 360W x 630H x 380D
Machine Weight (kg): 32

*Additional marking functionality on a wide range of metal surfaces is achieved by using the Cougartron Basic Etching Set (WELC4045).The Set includes accessories that will transform the FURY weld cleaner into a marking machine.


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