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3M Speedglas G5-01VC Ultimate Helmet Complete Kit

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The 3M Speedglas G5-01VC Heavy-Duty Respiratory Welding Helmet is designed with modern technology that improves welding conditions. Perfect for heavy duty welding, this feature packed helmet makes for higher productivity, better quality of work, and safer conditions.

G5-01VC Speedglas Kit inclusions:

1 x 617830 G5-01VC Welding helmet
1 x Shroud & Head Cover fitted
1 x 169200 Task Light fitted
1 x Hose Cover fitted & Manual

(All options fitted and ready to use)

Key features:

• Manufactured in Sweden
• Respiratory protection by Adflo
• New, cool, warm, & natural colour states
• Improved durable welding shades for welding
• Enhanced, larger viewing area
• Clear grinding visor with flip up mechanism
• Improved airflow technology
• Customisable climate control
• Dark to light recovery with two step technology
• Bluetooth capabilities
• Custom memory settings
• True view colour and contrast technology
• Sensor technology
• Manufactured to meet all safety and compliance standards across both Australia & New Zealand

Enjoy the benefits of the G5-01VC while you work:

• Improved respiratory protection ensures the health and safety of you and your workers
• Larger viewing areas mean higher visibility while you work – increasing productivity and safety
• Easy to moderate climate control means better conditions while you work
• Avoid eye strain and fatigue
• Allows you to program and save settings you use saving time and keeping your helmet optimised for you
• The helmet is made to work for you – with technology that is designed to make your job easier you can work more efficiently and safely than ever.

Available to be delivered to you direct and ready to use onsite!

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