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Excision Magnex Drill 40

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The new, unique Excision Magnex Drill 40 provides improved safety by using a powerful magnet that does not need a power supply to work. It adheres to even the thinnest steel sheets or beams.

Comes with carrying case, safety belt and coolant equipment.

Key features:
• Very light and compact
• Smooth start motor with overload protection and emergency stop
• Stepless adjustment slides
• Self-adjusting guides
• Soft touch grips
• Membrane keyboard

Drill features & specifications:
Core Drill Dimensions: 12.0-40.0mm
Cutting Depth: 50.0mm
Twist Drill: 1.0-13.0mm
Counter-Boring: 10.0-40.0mm
Arbors: Quick-Release Chuck
Stroke: 105mm
Height Adjustment: 80mm
Gearbox-On-Load Speed: 450rpm
Power Consumption: 1,100W
Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz
Tool Force (10mm)/Magnetic Adhesion Strength: 2,800N/17,000N
Tool Force (6mm S235): 2,300N
Magnetic Base: 72×190mm
Weight: 9.9kg
Warranty: Includes two year manufacturer's warranty


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