Cougartron Proplus Starter Package

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Cougartron ProPlus delivers a unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry for superior results with:

Weld Cleaning (TIG and MIG).
Surface Polishing.

CougarSense is the secret to the ProPlus’ power and reliability. This proprietary digital system combines with rock-solid components to deliver:

300°C brush compared to 100°C for traditional sock machines.
Intelligent electronics: consistent power and uninterrupted production.
Unique touch-control user interface/power readout: easier and faster.
Using the extension leads, you can reach up to 16m (52 feet) with the ProPlus!

Cougartron ProPlus starter kit contains:

Cougartron ProPlus machine
Orange lead with handle
Black lead with clamp
Cougartron Powerbrushes (10 pcs)
Wand/sliding shroud set
Weld-Cleaning & Polishing Fluid – 1.0L
Neutralising Fluid – 0.5L
Cougartron Microfibre Cloth (5 pcs)
Cougartron Spray Bottle
Cougartron Dipping Container
USB with User Manual and MSDS

...all in a sturdy plastic carry case.


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