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Wizard Pipe Wrap - Medium 50-400mm

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Wizard Pipe Wraps are made of a non-asbestos, smooth, durable, heat-resistant material.

• High quality sanded edges allow for easier and more accurate pipe marking
• Multiple wraps are available for marking from 1" to 48" in standard sizes
• Larger sized pipe wraps can be customised
• A pipe fitters circumference and quartering scale are printed on each wrap along with a tape measure
• It is a high density product for heavy duty service at temperatures up to 182° C
• It has outstanding resistance to oil, gasoline, kerosene, water and sea water
• The edges are thick and straight for easier, more accurate marking
• Wizard Pipe Wraps come with a sturdy tube for storage


  • Brand:
    Flange Wizard
  • Size:
    50-400mm (2-16")
  • Web Type:
    Pipe Wrap
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