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Our Team

Ben Draffin - Managing Director

Ben Draffin
Managing Director 


As Managing Director and co-founder, Ben Draffin is responsible for the key-decision making, general management and financial control of Alphaweld Supply Group, as well as the execution of Alphaweld’s Strategic Plan. He holds over 17 years of leadership experience with a strong background in sales and marketing.

Under his leadership, Ben has led Alphaweld to become WA’s leading welding supplies and hire specialist with strong year on year sales growth and a rapidly growing client base nation-wide.

Ben has a passion for driving success with every customer, through offering industry-proven and cost-effective solutions.

Harvey Draffin - Operations Director

Harvey Draffin
Operations Director 

Harvey Draffin holds more than 29 years of industry experience in welding and fabrication and oversees the day-to-day operations at Alphaweld.

As Operations Director, Harvey’s key areas of responsibility include daily dispatch, equipment hire, service and maintenance, and ensuring each and every customer order is delivered on time, anywhere.

Harvey is passionate about servicing the mining sector and making welding easy for every welder. He is a co-founder of Alphaweld Supply Group.

Vince Draffin - Sales Director

Vince Draffin
Sales Director 

Vince Draffin is a co-founder of Alphaweld Supply Group and holds more than 23 years of fabrication industry expertise.

As Sales Director, Vince is responsible for building and strengthening Alphaweld’s broad customer base ranging from offshore through to general fabricators. Vince embodies Alphaweld’s ethos of “We make it easy!” through his passion for assisting clients and advising on solutions that help reduce cost and improve results.

Vince has worked with many clients over the years and with a strong background in weld purging, has delivered solutions for all manner of weld purging ranging from subsea inconel clad piping through to 316 food grade stainless, and trailing shields for major turbine repairs.

Vince is also a dedicated volunteer with the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), providing care and compassion to communities in need.