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The all new Cougartron INOX FURY...

Watch the beast in action.

Circle & Radius cutting made easy

Fast efficient plasma cutting circles, radii and straight cuts.


125mm Grinder vs Hypertherm 30 Air Plasma

A short video showing the Hypertherm speed advantage.


Sumig Mig Torches

Sumig specializes in welding and cutting solutions and with innovative products that have developed with their own technology and the Sumig range of welding torches and consumables are unsurpased in their performance and quality.


Plasma vs Oxyfuel

A short video showing the advantages of Hypertherm plasma cutting over against oxyfuel cutting.


Hypertherm Flush Cutting

The patented geometry of Flushcut consumables places the plasma arc in the best location for flush removals when compared to the arc delivery of a standard plasma cutting process. The optimized arc delivery with FlushCut consumables results in far less post secondary grinding and base material repair giving a much faster process result.


Sharing Hypertherm Success

A short video bringing to you some of the successes and experiences of our Hypertherm customers.


Hypertherm 45XP Plasma Machine

Don’t let the Powermax 45XP’s compact and lightweight looks fool you... it weighs only 16kg but it comes with exceptional high performance that you’ve come to expect from Hypertherm technology. With a cutting capacity of up to 16mm, this unit is a great all round versatile unit that is very east to use.


Weldmax 225 Pulse Mig Welder

A digital inverter welding machine with precise control of pulse mig, standard mig, stick and tig welding functions. Consistantly provides excellent welding characteristics for most types of weldable metals.


Weldmax 221 & 300 Tig Welder

Thanks to their dimensions & ratio, power-weight/duty cycle the 221ACDC & 300ACDC are the best options for small, medium and large sized welding applications. Providing excellent welding characteristics for welders at all levels.


Weldmax 380i & 500i Multi-Process Welder

This machine is capable of MIG/MAG pulse welding, MIG/MAG double pulse welding, Root welding, MIG/MAG Synergic welding, MIG/MAG Manual welding,Gouging,TIG DC Lift & Stick welding. Please watch this brief overview of its capacity.


Weldmax 355i Multi-process Welder

Meet the most powerful compact inverter pulse mig welder in the marketplace that gives great results everytime.


All about Weldmax AC/DC Function

A short video demonstrating the advantages of AC/DC function in tig welding.


Betaweld Protection Tent

The best welding and elelement protection tent ever made.


Magnex Drill

The safest and strongest magnetic base drill in the marketplace.



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