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Calibration Certificates

Especially in industries where precision and accuracy are critical, operators may be required to request proof that delivered goods or services meet the necessary quality and compliance standards. For that, this is where a Certificate of Conformance or Calibration Certificate comes useful.

What is a Certificate of Conformance?

A Certificate of Conformance is a document issued by a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor certifying that a product or service meets the required specifications, standards, or regulations. It serves as a formal declaration that the delivered goods or services conform to the agreed-upon terms, quality standards, and regulatory requirements.

This certificate typically includes details such as the product or service description, the specifications or standards it complies with, the date of manufacture or service provision, the name and contact information of the issuing party, and any relevant signatures or seals.

What is a Calibration Certificate?

A Calibration Certificate is a document that provides detailed information about the calibration process and results for a specific instrument or device. It serves as official documentation that the instrument has been calibrated according to specific standards and procedures.

This certificate typically includes details such as the instrument's identification, calibration date, calibration due date, the standards used for calibration, the calibration results (including before and after values), any adjustments made during calibration, the name and signature of the calibrating technician, and the calibration laboratory's information.

Depending on manufacturer, a certificate of variance may be offered where an item does not have a gauge for calibration testing.

What Certificates Do Alphaweld Offer?

For a small fee, Alphaweld is able to supply you with a Certificate of Conformance or Calibration Certificate upon request.

Please note such requests must be made at the time of ordering and are typically limited to items, such as:

  • Welding machines with amps/volts/wire feed speed gauges
  • Holding ovens with gauges
  • Hot boxes with gauges
  • Instruments with displays

How to Make a Certificate Request?

Please advise your Alphaweld Sales Representative when requesting a quote or contact us for further assistance.

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