Safety & Welding Apparel

Safety & Welding Apparel

Finding the best welding safety products is key to ensuring a safe and healthy workforce. Having the right welding safety gear also helps businesses meet key performance indicators such as regulation compliance and  maximise incident free operations. Choose Alphaweld for your welding safety equipment needs.

Setting the standard in welding safety equipment sourcing

Alphaweld is an industry leader in welding protection solutions. Our global sourcing power and extensive product knowledge allow us to bring to Western Australia some of the world’s leading safety products. Experienced in fulfilling all types of welding protective equipment requirements, we have the capabilities to also deliver quality products throughout Australia.

We supply everything from high grade hand protection to PAPR welding helmets. Apart from welding protective gear, we also supply site safety products such as welding blankets, safety signage and hydration products.

Our extensive range of personal safety products allows us to cover the needs of Australia’s toughest industries. From the engineering sector to industrial sector, including mining, we have products that provide optimal protection for specific environments and applications.

Our products are chosen for their quality and value. We ensure that every item in our range meets or exceeds national standards. For your peace of mind, we carry some of the world’s most trusted brands, including Betaweld, 3M, Prochoice Safety, Maxisafe, Speedglas and more.

The importance of wearing the right welding safety apparel

The responsibility of safety begins with the individual. Each piece of protective equipment should conform to the highest safety standards, making sure that it minimizes the safety risks for the user as much as possible. Here at Alphaweld we only sell products that are proven to provide nothing less than that.