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What Kind of Gloves are Best for Welding?

Date: 10-05-2022

What Kind of Gloves are Best for Welding - Alphaweld

Welding without the right gloves isn’t just uncomfortable – it’s downright dangerous.

Working with gloves that do not fit and have an improper grip can lead to serious burns, not to mention, long-term implications like carpal tunnel. 

Good welding gloves are generally fire resistant, protect you from extreme heat, are versatile for MIG, TIG and stick welding, and ultimately, must be comfortable.

In this blog, we share our recommendations on a range of quality welding gloves that will enable you to weld safer, smarter, and better than ever.

Betaweld Redisafe Large Welding Gloves

A popular design: Betaweld Redisafe welding gloves are fully lined with split, heat and flame-resistant cowhide leather – not to mention the double kevlar stitching and reinforced palm – making these gloves more than capable to get all your welding jobs done, safely.

These gloves also offer great flexibility, dexterity and remain soft and supple inside to maximise comfort so you can weld for as long as you like with no discomfort.

Elliotts Big Red CRX Cut 5 Welders Gloves

This is a premium professional welder’s glove with high dexterity and additional back of hand protection for high heat applications. Featuring a highly cut-resistant liner, the glove is designed with Dynamax® Cut 5/TDM F material offering full 360° Cut Protection and the highest dual-standard cut resistance performance.

It’s 3D design with pre-curved fingers provides a highly ergonomic fit with high levels of comfort and dexterity.

Available in a wide range of sizes to suit fully fledged welders and their apprentices.

Betaweld Heat Shielded TIG Gloves

These TIG welding gloves are made with 100% leather construction and are light in weight, making them perfect for a variety of welding tasks. 

The flexible nature of these gloves offers welders ultimate dexterity – and despite their thinner construction, the innovative Kevlar heat shield and double Kevlar stitching provides reinforced strength. 
Meaning you can complete smaller intricate jobs with the peace of mind knowing that you won’t burn your fingers.

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