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Your Guide to Electrochemical Weld Cleaning

Date: 13-09-2021


Our customers come to us because we offer an outstanding range of welding tools and equipment. Whether you’re looking for high-quality consumables or an industrial arc welder for sale, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at Alphaweld.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the welding industry, we do much more than just supply state-of-the-art welding equipment; in order to give our customers personalised service and source the best welding equipment on the market, we have to understand welding processes back-to-front.

In this blog, we explore electrochemical processes for weld cleaning and run through some of the common tools required.


What Is Electrochemical Weld Cleaning? 

The heavy-duty, often-harsh processes involved in industrial welding can make it hard to avoid contamination by oxygen, moisture, and other atmospheric pollutants. This means that minor damage such as corrosion of the workpiece is not uncommon, especially in the weld joins themselves. As well as being aesthetically messy, corrosion and other forms of damage can result in pitting and eventual structural failure. It is therefore vital to address surface corrosion before further damage has a chance to take hold. 

There are a number of options, but electrochemical cleaning has some stand-out advantages. Electrochemical cleaning equipment is relatively light and very portable compared to some of the other options such as acid cleaning or mechanical grinding and does not require additional buffing compounds. It is also far less noisy than other methods, and it can be performed on the job site during installation.


How Does It Work? 

In electrochemical cleaning, an AC or DC current is paired with an electrolyte to dissolve rust and other surface contaminants. This process removes pitting and leaves the work surface smooth, clean, and highly resistant to corrosion. Unlike mechanical grinding and other similar processes, electrochemical cleaning does all this without otherwise changing the surface of the workpiece.


Cougartron Electrochemical Gear 

Alphaweld offers a suite of petrochemical cleaning, etching, and polishing products from the Cougartron range. The Cougartron Proplus Starter Package offers cutting edge TIG and MIG weld cleaning as well as surface etching and polishing capabilities. The machine uses a 300°C brush, three times more powerful than the 100°C brush found on most conventional machines. 


Air Cooled Torches 

To help you achieve the cleanest possible joins before you need to introduce electrochemical cleaning, we recommend using a high-quality, air-cooled welding torch. Our Air Cooled MIG/TIG Torches from Sumig feature an ergonomic handle for greater comfort and ease of operation, and they are available with gooseneck attachments in multiple lengths, angles, and styles to suit every task.


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