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Spotlight on Pulse MIG Welding

Spotlight on Pulse MIG Welding - Alphaweld

An Overview of Pulse MIG Welding

In MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding, a DC electric current is created between a metal electrode and a workpiece, melting the two together to form a join. As the name suggests, in Pulse MIG welding, the electrical current is supplied in short pulses, rather than as constant voltage, and alternates between high peak and low background current. 

The high and low currents serve two distinct purposes. Each high peak pulse generates enough heat to melt the weld material and create a single droplet at the end of the electrode. The low background current then generates just enough power to push the droplet off the end of the electrode, where it is transferred via the arc to the weld pool that has formed at the join. In pulse MIG welding, the electrode never actually touches the weld pool.

The Advantages of Pulse MIG Welding 

There are several reasons welders may choose pulse MIG welding over other forms of welding. For one thing, the current provided by pulse MIG welders can be adjusted, requiring the operator to use just a single width of welding material, rather than having to switch between wires of various widths, saving both time and money.

A pulsed current also offers greater control with reduced heat. This results in cleaner joins with less spatter, thus creating higher quality workmanship and less waste, as the vast majority of welding material ends up in the weld pool, rather than around it. The reduced heat also means less fumes, creating a safer work environment.

Equipment for Pulse MIG Welding 

Alphaweld offer a range of state-of-the-art pulse MIG welders from Weldmax. The lightweight Weldmax 220 Pulse MIG Welder can be operated manually or using pre-programmed control settings, and is ideal for use on boat building, sheet metal fabrication, smash repair work, and trailer manufacturing.   

The Weldmax 355i Compact Pulse MIG welder performs difficult welds with ease and can be used on all materials from sheet metal to heavy steel. With excellent arc characteristics and smooth, low-spatter welding, the Weldmax 355i offers an unbeatable value.

Fume Extraction Systems 

Welding fumes are now considered a known carcinogen according to the International Association for Research on Cancer. While pulse MIG welding produces less fumes than other welding methods, every workshop should be fitted with an industrial fume extraction system. We supply a range of premium fume extraction solutions to keep your workshop safe and comfortable and ensure that it meets all health and safety standards. Our fixed and portable extraction systems reliably remove dust, smoke, and fumes from your workshop. 

Free Personal Training 

It is important to remember that welding is a potentially high-risk activity, and that personal safety depends on the quality of the equipment as well as the training of the operators and others onsite. To ensure the safety of your team and help you maximise your investment, Alphaweld offers free onsite training with every machine purchased.

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