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What Are Welding Tents and Why Use One?

 What Are Welding Tents and Why Use One - Alphaweld

Welders contend with extreme heat, splatter and intense ultraviolet light during the welding process, and their occupational accidents range from electric shocks, burns, dangerous fume inhalation and radiation exposure.

In response, the Australian government’s approved code of practice for welding complies with Section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act. The code outlines the requirements needed to manage the risks, and the provision of effective personal protective equipment (PPE).

In the realm of PPE, the focus is typically on protective clothing, such as welding jackets, safety glasses, heat resistant gloves, welding hoods and helmets. However, the entire welding system must also be contained within a protective structure.

For this reason, it’s important to know what welding tents are, their purpose, their advantages, and why you need to use an Alphaweld welding tent.

What are Welding Tents?

Welding tents enclose around welders and their welds. They can also be used to extend indoor areas, create contained welding points within diverse workspaces, or protect welds taking place outdoors or above existing structures. Openings in the Neoprene coat blanket allow pipelines to feed through the tent without introducing adverse heat, cold, wind or light conditions.

However, for maximum effectiveness, the welding tent frame and blanket needs to be large enough to fit around all equipment involved in the welding process and provide enough room to the welder for ease of movement.

The frame and blanket also need to be easy to quickly assemble and transport. Custom options such as cranable assembly can also provide safe weld conditions on sites with challenging topography.

What is the Purpose of Welding Tents?

Welding tents provide a barrier against tough weather conditions such as wind, rain and direct sunlight that can interfere with welds and put the welder at risk.

Furthermore, the welding tent blanket and ground flaps are heat resistant and fire retardant, in order to contain sparks and spatters.

All elements of the welding tent materials must conform to independent Australian standards AS 2755.2-1985 and be constructed from high-quality flame, heat, corrosion and allergen resistant materials to provide the necessary level of containment and safety.

What are the Advantages of Welding Tents?

While the primary purpose of welding tents is protective, they also enable welding to continue in harsh weather conditions, which in turn allows welders to continue work for longer without interruptions and with a high degree of safety.

Welding tents also ensure there is no unintended contamination between weld arcs, sparks and spatters and your surroundings, such as exposed painted surfaces.

For project managers, improved safety conditions also result in fewer sick days among staff, and a high health and safety performance rating.

Why You Need an Alphaweld Welding Tent?

Unlike other welding tents on the market, Alphaweld’s Betaweld Welding Tent is made specifically for tough Australian weather conditions.

Our welding tents are fire retardant and independently tested to AS 2755.2-1985 and uniquely come with openings on each side of the tent to suit large diameter pipelines.

Alphaweld have real industry experience, which is why our welding tents have been designed and developed on gas fields and perform to the highest standard even under the toughest conditions.

The galvanised steel frame is completely collapsible for flat pack transport and ease of assembly.

Additionally, we provide cranable versions and larger sizes. The result is a better welding solution.

All worksites require welding tents for standards compliance, but only an Alphaweld welding tent is built to withstand Australian conditions for safer welds, safer welders, greater efficiency, and reduced down-time.

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