Fume Extraction: What, How, & Why It's so Important

Date: 07-Sep-2020

What is Fume Extraction?

Fume extraction is the process of removing particles, dust, fumes, and other contaminants from the air in your workspace. Extractors have become a crucial part of employee health and safety and subsequently are now part of safety standard and compliance requirements across multiple industries. 

Extractors come in a wide range of makes and models to suit a variety of different installations. It is important to ensure you speak to the experts and always choose the equipment that is right for your workspace.


How Do Fume Extractors Work?

Imagine the ventilation of a fan and the sucking action of a vacuum combined. This is essentially the concept behind your fume extractor. Using an in-built fan to create a negative draft, extractors pull particles and fumes through filters, safely containing any harmful material and releasing clean air. 

Whether you install a fixed or portable system they are simple and easy to use. Activated by a switch, all you need to do is turn your machine on for the duration in which you’re working. As it is filtering the air clean air can be released back into your workspace our released outside the building. Your extractor will need to be emptied regularly to ensure your filtration system is not clogged or compromised.


What Type of Extractor is Right for Me?

Choosing the right equipment for your needs is important. Before installing any kind of extractor be sure to assess your space, work, budget, and any other needs. Below are the two common types of extractor systems you should familiarise yourself with, you can also browse our full range to find more suitable products.


Fixed Systems

Ideal for larger spaces consistently releasing particles and fumes in all areas, this system involves pipes, fans, and extraction hoods fixed into the building structure.


Portable Extraction Systems

Suitable in smaller spaces or ones with no fixed set up that will require more localised and portable extraction. These machines offer highly versatile solutions across a range of industries. 

If your workshop requires fume or particle extraction but a fixed system installation isn’t right, mobile machines can be easily set up, moved around, and stored in your workplace. 

Choose from fans, or single and twin headed machines for an affordable, adjustable, and cost-effective system that will keep you working safely and productively.


Why is Extraction So Important?

While extractors are used across industries from carpentry to vehicle workshops and so much more, a welding fume extractor is particularly important. Welding releases an array of fumes, gasses, and metal particles into the air that can settle in the lungs and pose serious ongoing health hazards. 

Extraction is a means of looking after the health and safety of everyone who enters your worksite. By keeping your workplace safe and healthy you’ll be able to work more efficiently for longer. Avoiding the illness or injury associated with fume inhalation will also save your business on sick days, costly compensation fees, and high staff turnover. 

If you’re ready to keep your workplace safe browse our full range of fume extractors here and contact our team for any further enquires.