Weldmax Pulse Tig 200A HF VRD Welder

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The Multipower 204T is a digital inverter welder with very high precision weld characteristics and has all functions and features that a professional welder needs and wishes for. Being equipped with Multipower, the PFC (Power Factor Corrector) is dimensioned for supporting a voltage range from 90 volts up to 270 volts. The internal device makes it possible to run off a generator with over 100 meters of long supply cable.


Q START - Rapid joining of weld pools for initial starting
Dynamic arc, ensures deeper penetration and lower heat input with more regular bead formation
Fitted with VRD device
Multipower - Allows setting of different coated electrode types
V.EI - Switch off arc Voltage MMA
Voltage reduction device supports range from 90-270V
Slow fast pulse
MULTITACK - reduces heat while joining light gauge materials
Pre-gas and post gas
MMA up to 5mm electrodes


Duty Cycles:
MMA/180A @ 35% (40 C)
MMA/130A @ 60% (40 C)
MMA/120A @ 100% (40 C)
TIG/200A @ 30% (40 C)
TIG/140A @ 60% (40 C)
TIG/130A @ 100% (40 C)
Current range TIG / MMA: 5-220A / 10-180A
Power Supply: 1 x 2 30V± 15% @ 50-60Hz,
OCV Voltage - VRD: 83-11V
Max - KVA: 5.8KVA
Dimensions (mm) 400L x 160W x 260H
Weight (kg): 11.49


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