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Welding Rotators

Welding Rotators

With a wide range of turning power and load capacities, pipe rotators are an essential tool for welding heavy and oversize vessels and pipe. Alphaweld Supply Group is number one for robust professional welding rotator solutions and packages in Australia. View our range below.


Rotators for Safe and Efficient Welding...

The use of rotators helps ensure a safe working environment for welders handling large, heavy pipes or vessels. These tools also provide increased efficiency as welders spend less time using lifting or crane facilities to turn pipes during the welding process. With such capabilities, welding rotators are great investments for your workshop.

Extensive Range to Suit Various Applications

With solid relationships with industry-leading brands, we get to source an extensive range of pipe rotators. Our inventory includes a large range rotator capacities that can be used for drums, cylindrical vessels and tanks. These rotators are easy to use; operators can control them through a main panel or foot switch. We make it easy!

We also offer Welding Rotator hire options, please enquire with us today on (08) 9456 8000