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Pipe Cutting Equipment

Pipe Cutting Equipment

Speed up your weld preps with robust, precise pipe cutting equipment from Alphaweld Supply Group. We offer a range of pipe cutters from industry-leading brands such as Axxair and ExactCut.

Precise Cuts for Fast Prep Welds

Our pipe cutters from Axxair are highly portable orbital pipe machines that are suitable for use on-site or in a workshop. They cut pipes and tubes with precision and minimal burring. They also feature concentric multi-contact clamping that prevents deforming the tube while cutting it in a fast manner.

ExactCut pipe cutters offer high performance with their adjustable speed and steady torque. Staying true to their name, these cutters cut with precision, eliminating the process of grinding after cutting using chop saws. With these pipe cutters, you can save on equipment and energy costs and more importantly, time.

Easy Buying Process and Prompt Delivery

At Alphaweld, we’re known for high-quality tools with an easy logistics chain. You can easily place your orders online. We ship across Australia and perform multiple despatches every day. This way, you can get your pipe cutters promptly.

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