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Welding Pipe Stands

Welding Pipe Stands

Proper handling of long and heavy pipes for welding requires robust, reliable pipe stands. These stands hold pipes in place, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment for welding operators.

At Alphaweld, we offer a range of pipe stands for welding to suit various applications. We source these pipe stands from industry leading Australian and international manufacturers that include OrbiMax and TAG Pipe. 

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Extensive Range of Pipe Stands

Our non-collapsible pipe stands offer superior rigidity and high load capacity up to 2100kg. If you need to bring the stands to a job site, you can count on our selection of models with folding legs. These pipe stands have adjustable height and come with a variety of head styles to suit any application.

Our inventory also includes pipe stands from TAG Pipe, which are designed for large diameter pipe rotation. These pipe stands have a 2400kg capacity and self-centring roller for easy adjustment on either side.

Competitive Prices, Fast Deliveries

Over the years, we have built solid relationships with leading manufacturers of pipe stands. As such, we get to source tools at great deals and pass on these savings to our customers through competitive prices.

We provide fast deliveries to help your team prevent significant job delays simply because of a broken or worn-out pipe stand. You can place your orders online, and we will ship it to your site or shop promptly, no matter where it is in Australia.

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